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Premedical Consulting

Writing the perfect essay, practicing for interviews, keeping track of your application timelines—we’ve done it all to help dozens of premed students gain admission into US Medical (and Dental) schools. Our success rate is incredibly highjust ask us for refrences! All premed consulting is done personally by Shay, Altiora’s founder and the author of The Ultimate Guide for the Anxious Premed.

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Essay Editing

You’ve been working all throught college to build the perfect resume. But now you’re faced with a personal statement, and secondary essays to boot! Managing to sum your entire life’s dream into a page or two is incredibly difficult, so let us help you. 

Applicants who have used Altiora for essay editing have been overwhelmingly successful, even getting interview invitations when their GPAs and MCAT scores were lacking.

Personal statements are $150, and Secondary Essays are $100/full page.

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Interview Prep

After you’ve submitted your AMCAS applications, the wait begins. And then it happens! You get the long-awaited email, inviting you to interview at a medical school. 

The panic sets in. What will you say? How will you best represent yourself? But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Schedule a mock interview today for both MMI and Traditional Interviews.

Our clients have been incredibly happy with this service, and always recommend it to their premed friends.  

Rates are $100/hr for online interivews. 

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Visit our Contact page, send us an email at team@altiora.nyc, or give us a call at 646.847.9329. 

Most of our premed clients aren’t local to NYC, so premedical consulting is typically done over Skype or FaceTime.

Of course, if you are in NYC, Shay is happy to meet for in-person advising sessions as well. 

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Altiora has the tools to give your student every advantage in today's competitive landscape.

Our results speak volumes- all of Altiora's test prep clients have recommended us to their friends.