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Medical Admissions Consulting

Writing the perfect essay, practicing for interviews, keeping track of your application timelines — we’ve done it all to help dozens of premed and predental students gain admission into US medical and dental schools.


Single Subject Tutoring

Whether you want to boost your grades or delve beyond your school’s curriculum, we have the experience to improve your performance and understanding of the material.


Test Prep

Altiora takes a scientific approach to test preparation: we analyze your results from our innovative diagnostic exam to design custom worksheets specifically for your test performance profile. 


Essay Editing

Through in-person or online consultations, we help you craft your experiences into exquisite personal statements specifically designed to cover the attributes sought out in your applicant pool.


Free Gifted and Talented Practice Test

In this free download, read our informational booklet on the exam, learn about the types of questions your child will encounter, and learn study tips to help them prepare effectively. Plus, download the largest free practice test available anywhere for the GT Exam!

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Standardized Education is a Myth

The bespoke nature of our tutoring means superior achievement over the big-box, one-size-fits-all tutoring companies. All of our students have a curriculum that is designed and built specifically for them, whether they are preparing for an exam or looking to enrich their academic experience after school.

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We Can Teach Anything

Whatever it is you want to learn, we can teach it to you. From needing an MIT graduate to teach robotics, a chess master to teach logic and strategy, or somebody to help your child enjoy math classes, we can find the right person for you. 

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Making the Gifted and Talented Exam More Accessable

We want all children to have the opportunity for success, so we released a free 50-question practice test for the NYC Gifted and Talented Exam. Since most other practice resources for the exam are cost prohibitive, we also released downloadable practice questions at an affordable price. All of this is available online.

Our Clients’ Results

I was accepted to CalTech Early Action, and during Regular Decision, I got into MIT, Harvard, Princeton, and Cornell. I have not chosen a college yet, although I am mainly deciding between Harvard and MIT. Thanks for all of your help!!!


Student, SAT Test Prep and Admissions Essay Editing

Our daughter was so stressed about [preparing for the ISEE] and you really helped to bring her some balance and calm. You’ve been such a great role model for her, with a lovely presence and thoughtful approach. We really appreciate it!


Parent, ISEE Test Prep

After you guys did the parachute science experiment together, he’s spent the week trying to recreate it for us. It’s really brought science alive for him, and he’s been teaching us all about gravity, terminal velocity, and drag.


Parent, Subject Tutoring and Educational Enrichment

A Message From Our Founder

Head Tutor and Founder Shay Garrison

Shay Skobeleva

Founder, Head Instructor

Let’s face it: today’s students face a highly competitive landscape for gifted & talented programs, selective high schools, and top-tier universities.

On top of that, our education system’s focus on standardized testing detracts from a true education. Rather than challenging students to think critically and cultivating a hunger for knowledge, schools apply the common core curriculum, which fails to stimulate creativity, problem solving, and excitement. It’s easy for students to get bored by their one-size-fits-all education, leading to falling achievement and, ultimately, disadvantage in the admissions process.

This is where Altiora fits in. We have tutors to give your student an advantage in all stages of their education, whether they’re aiming for a gifted & talented program, preparing for a chemistry final, or learning to program. When it comes to the SAT, Regents, or the college admissions essay, we have the experience and methods to assign the tutor who best fits your student’s needs.

Altiora has helped hundreds of students, from preschool all the way to graduate school. Now, let us help you.

An Advantage Tailored To You.

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