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Altiora takes a very scientific approach to test preparation: we give you an innovative diagnostic exam, and then analyze the questions you excelled at versus the ones you could use more practice with. We then design worksheets just for you: with a focus on actual exam questions of the exact same type as the ones you need to focus on.

You will be paired with a tutor with expertise in the areas you need most: If you’re taking the AP Chemistry exam, we’ll pair you with a chemist. If you’re taking the Physics Regents, we’ll make sure your tutor aced their Calculus-based physics classes in university. If you’re prepping for the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten Entry Exam, we’ll pair you with somebody with a strong background in early education.

At Altiora, we understand that AP Tests, Regents, and the SAT aren’t exactly fun. Neither are your finals, the Hunter High School exam, or the SHSAT.

We don’t really like those exams either, but we’re good at them. And we want you to be good at them too.