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Single Subject Tutoring/Curriculum Enrichment


Altiora’s Single Subject Tutoring is designed for one purpose: to help you get what you want out of your education. Whether you are trying to boost your grades throughout the year, prepare for an upcoming test, or challenge yourself beyond the requirements of your school’s curriculum, we will work with you to improve your understanding and performance on whatever you want to learn about.


Our subject tutoring encompasses nearly every subject at every level: from elementary to college. We particularly have many expert tutors in the subjects that students find most difficult: math, the hard sciences, and essay writing. All of our tutors attended universities that are the top of their respective fields, and have degrees in subjects ranging from programming to genetics and English literature.


Whether you are trying to boost your grades throughout the year, prepare for an upcoming test, or challenge yourself beyond the requirements of your school’s curriculum, we will work with you to improve performance and your understanding of the material until you are satisfied.


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Test Prep


Altiora takes a very scientific approach to test preparation: we give you an innovative diagnostic exam, and then analyze the questions you excelled at versus the ones you could use more practice with. We then design worksheets just for you: with a focus on actual exam questions of the exact same type as the ones you need to focus on. You will be paired with a tutor with expertise in the areas you need most: If you’re taking the AP Chemistry exam, we’ll pair you with a chemist. If you’re taking the Physics Regents, we’ll make sure your tutor aced their Calculus-based physics classes in university. If you’re prepping for the Gifted and Talented Kindergarten Entry Exam, we’ll pair you with somebody with a strong background in early education.


At Altiora, we understand that AP Tests, Regents, and the SAT aren’t exactly fun. Neither are your finals, the Hunter High School exam, or the SHSAT.


We don’t really like those exams either, but we’re good at them. And we want you to be good at them too.


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Admissions Essays


There are a lot of factors that go into program admissions. GPA and exam scores are important, as reduce your application into a set of numbers that are easy to analyze. As such, the Admissions Essay is arguably one of the most important (and one of the toughest) parts of your application, because it’s your chance to tell the Admissions Committee members about the real you.


The Admissions Essay asks you to summarize a lifetime of experiences and decisions into just a page. And in doing so, you need to prove to the admissions committee that you will be an asset to their program. To gain entry into the program of your choice, you’ll need an expertly crafted personal statement to show them the person behind the numbers.


Altiora Admissions Essay coaching utilizes professional consultants who have not only gained entry into competitive programs, but have also undergone a thorough analysis of their writing and editing abilities. As part of the process, you will meet with your consultant to discuss the programs you are applying to, your goals in education, and the experiences you might be interested in writing about for your essay. We will help you carefully craft those experiences into a beautifully written personal statement: specifically designed to cover all of the attributes sought out in the applicant pool.


To read some examples of our many successful essay edits, please just send us an email!


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Premedical Consulting


Premedical consulting is an area close to our hearts. After all, we even wrote a book on it! (Seriously, read our book. It’s called The Ultimate Guide for the Anxious Premed, and it’s awesome.)

To make a long story short, med school applicants are expected to have done a lot of things. You’ll have to plan out your undergrad curriculum to meet all the pre-med requirements, and you’ll have to dedicate months to study for the MCAT. You’ll need to have several professors in various areas of study willing to write you letters of recommendation, and you’ll need to have an expertly crafted personal statement. You’ll need to plan your application to be ready to submit as soon as applications open, and to have pre-written your secondary essays to the schools on your list. You’ll need to be organized and efficient, and have the confidence to travel all over the country as you interview at the schools that are interested in you.

It’s no easy feat, and that’s why we’re here to help you with that. Whether you need help writing the perfect essay, practicing for your interviews, just getting your application timeline in order, or anything else, we’re here to help.