The Altiora Method

Altiora was founded because, let’s face it: school is getting harder every year. Increased pressure to do well on standardized tests, combined with huge applicant pools leads to more admissions competition than ever before: especially for gifted and talented classes, specialized schools, and good university programs.

And with the higher weight on standardized exams comes less time for real teaching! Rather than being challenged to think critically and experiment with their learning, students of all ages are forced through a boring and inefficient common core curriculum. Student creativity is stifled, and many grades fall because of nothing more than boredom with the system.

Is it fair? No. But the reality we face is that students are expected to be on their game 100% of the time. One bad grade in high school (regardless of the reason), or one sub-par section on the SAT can determine whether or not a student gets into their school of choice.

Altiora is here to help with that. Whether you’re talking about the SAT, Regents, or crafting the perfect College Admissions Essay, we can assign you to the tutor that best fits your schedule and your individual needs. We have experts in every field to help, whether you’re preparing for a Chemistry final, trying to enrich your understanding of the common Programming languages, or preparing for an admissions interview at your school of choice.

Altiora has helped hundreds of students, from preschool to graduate school. Now, let us help you.

The Origin of Altiora

Altiora was founded by Shay Garrison in 2009. Shay comes from a legacy of educators; her immediate family includes several college professors, teachers, and educational consultants. As such, she grew up constantly surrounded by discussion about the most innovative and effective teaching methods.

Shay has a background in both the liberal arts and the natural sciences, and she received her degree in Molecular Genetics from the University of Rochester. She was accepted to Medical School in her last year of University, but ultimately decided to devote herself to building Altiora full-time.

Shay always strives to remain active in all of Altiora’s operations, and personally takes on a number of students each year. Above all, she wants to make sure that Altiora retains the personal touch that has helped it be so successful, and is always available to address any questions and special requests that are brought to Altiora’s attention.

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Shay Garrison in 2013